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Inspired by the South

Rare tranquility, wide space, and wonderful natural surroundings have created the perfect place where we have turned our dream into a reality. Here, we open our home, kitchen, and cellar to share with you our vision of SOEDER:

Nordic country life inspired by the South.


The place of our dreams

With our education and professional experience in the hospitality and culinary industries, we commit ourselves to making your stay as comfortable, relaxing, and extraordinary as possible. We invite you to come and experience SOEDER for yourself.

Marianne Bonesson Bittel, owner


"I was born and raised in nearby Helsingborg. Despite my education in finance and marketing, I have always had a special interest in art, photography and design. To me, SOEDER is a tranquil place where ideas can grow and creativity has no boundaries. It is my great pleasure to welcome our guests to our cozy and elegantly styled home in the countryside.

Many years of professional experience in the wine industry continue to help me choose the perfect bottle from our cellar to pair with whatever is crafted in our kitchen."

Michael Bittel, owner



"I was born and raised in Zermatt, the famous Swiss mountain resort, and later graduated from Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne. For many years, I have worked in the wine & spirits industry. With this background, I see SOEDER as the place where hospitality is about individuality, and cooking remains a craft.

The curiously small kitchen allows me to aim for excellence daily, choose finest ingredients and have unique interactions with our guests."

Enzo & Oscar, cats


Born and about to be raised in the countryside. These novice mice hunters live in the garden and the former horse stable and are bringing our historic farm back to life.

Paarp Karta gammal.JPG

A prehistoric place of sacrifice, home to an old farmer and his young servant, a hidden plantation, the promised land for a new golf course, a property owned by the crown and used as a romantic retreat – the tales and legends about our Countryhouse abound. 


We believe a century-old house can never be owned; instead, we feel bound to carefully preserve the property while we enjoy the privilege of living and working here, passing along its rich history. The fact that rock carvings from the Bronze Age have been found and protected on the premises gives us an idea just how far back we can look.


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