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Reservation required


One dinner table for eight


Did you know that Bjäre Peninsula is also renowned as the Swedish Riviera and the Nordic Tuscany? This is one reason why our SOEDER dinner experience is very much a Mediterranean way of dining. You can look forward to a joyful evening that ends late with countless empty plates, uncorked bottles, and shared stories.



After an optional aperitif we invite our guests to gather at the community table, where we start dinner with our signature Miniature Cuisine, a wide variety of shared small dishes. This journey through flavor leads to the main dish and finally a dessert. You even have the opportunity to enrich your dinner with a fine selection of cheese.

We stay true to our values of simplicity, purity, and seasonal flavors with a Mediterranean flair. 

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Miniature cuisine


Main dish



(optional, surcharge of SEK 105)



SEK 850

Opening hours

Wednesdays to Saturdays

We open for aperitif

at 18.30

Seating is at 19.30

The evening ends

around 23.00

(closing at 24:00)

Reservation required

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We believe good food tells stories, highlights origins, and reflects craftsmanship – just like wine. We are always searching for the most genuine and natural ingredients, starting in our garden and cellar and continuing around the peninsula. On our Bjäre shopping tour, we visit green-thumbed neighbors and local grocers, an artisanal baker, a farm butcher, a huntsman, and Camilla the cheesemaker, filling our basket with the finest products the peninsula has to offer and finding daily inspiration to plan our surprise menu.

Our exclusive SOEDER Kitchen is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, and we can host up to 8 people per evening. Please book your place at our community table in advance.


How about a first look in our wine cellar? To match our wide variety of dishes every evening, we carefully pick, uncork, and offer two exceptional wines from our list by the glass.

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