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in the Afternoon

Our private wellness concept allows you the exclusive use of either the sauna or the bathtub for an allotted period of time. The rates per use and room are SEK 300 for the sauna and SEK 600 for the outdoor bathtub. Heating up your sauna or bath with firewood takes time and careful planning, so please book your individual experience in advance.


In nearby Torekov, a bath in the sea is a tradition that lives on all year long.
To participate in this historic ritual, just get in your bathrobe, head down to the pier, plunge into the water and enjoy the scenery of the picturesque fisherman’s village.

Our simple yet exclusive SPA is blended right in with the countryside. You will find a rustic sauna in the original paddock and a wood-fired outdoor bathtub facing the open fields. A rural wellness experience is sure to make your afternoon as natural and relaxing as possible.


A place for pure relaxation
Bastu Sorselestuga woodfired spa rural
Outdoor rural spa bath
outdoor tub
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