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Spirit & soul


From our SOEDER cellar we offer you a genuine selection of fine wines, handcrafted spirits, artisanal beer, and refreshing drinks. In our century-old cellar we keep our choice of wines, among them some very old and rare Chianti Classico bottles.

A place inspired by the rooster
We have carefully assembled a rather unusual wine list. We have chosen wines crafted by people we trust and grown in vineyards we know. This rather eccentric selection reflects our love for whites bursting with minerality, pale rosé from Southern France, reds sealed with a Black Rooster and fine bubbles born in the bottle. The one thing all bottles have in common is that they are highly suitable for exciting food pairings.
Wine, corkskrew and wine list
Sherry Solear (5).jpg


If you are a whisky lover, then step in and browse through our Malt Library, which is a proud collection of rare single malts. For beer enthusiasts, we also offer some undistilled malts, a small yet fine choice of Swedish craft beers and masterpieces from around the continent. 


And yet there is even more to discover in our cellar. Don’t miss taking a look at our little art collection of French vintage sardines. Each can is a beautiful combination of art and taste. 

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